The high-quality film scan will have only minimal color/exposure adjustment done to them and will be scanned slightly "flat" so that you can adjust the black and white points to your tastes. Normal spotting of dust and minor scratches is included in the preparation, but correction of more serious damage to the film, as well as extraordinary work of any kind on the image file may entail extra charges.

Our testing indicates that usable detail is not obtained by scanning at resolutions greater than 4000 dpi: this is scanning at film grain level, clearly visible in the resulting scan. For example, a 200 MB scan from 35mm gives you nothing that you can't obtain by interpolating our 70 MB scan in Photoshop. Our sizing and pricing schedule is tailored to individual format sizes. We offer a choice of resolution on large originals of 4x5.

Each scan is saved as 8 bit, sRGB, TIFF file, unless otherwise requested. Black and white scans will be one third the file size of color pictures.

Your scans will be archived to a CD-R/DVD, or hosted on our FTP server for you to download at no extra cost. For $.20 per MB we will upload to an outside server. To help determine what size scan you might need for printing, please refer to our File Size Chart.


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